Real women fish bait!!

16 04 2008

Ok this post is for all the hippie fly fishers out there that are to stoned to realize what a real women is. Everyone knows that real women fish bait!!



Truckee River Outfitters closing its doors

16 04 2008

Truckee River Outfitters, a seasonal shop in downtown Truckee, has decided not to open this summer. This is obviously a result of the public demand for more bait fishing. Fly fishing is finally starting to die down and since most people in Truckee use bait there is no need for a fly fishing shop. When your entire customer base consists of stoned hippies how do you expect to have competent fisherman to buy anything. At least we still have Ace, the only true fishing store in town.

Gear Review: The Bobber Cooler

16 04 2008

I bought my new bobber cooler a couple weeks ago and it’s been by my side ever since. This floating cooler is perfect for all my fishing trips. The best part is that when I have it with me everyone knows that I fish bait and am damn proud of it. It easily fits 12 cans of my favorite Hamms beer and after I’ve finished drinking I can bring the brown trout I catch home in it. I recommend this cooler to anyone that is proud of being a bait fisherman.

Jesus used bait!!

16 04 2008

A recent discovery has determined that Jesus Christ was in fact a bait fisherman. Among the items found in his tomb were a pair of sandals, a tackle box, and this picture of Jesus holding a trophy bass that won him the 34 A.D. Bass Pro fishing competition. If Jesus used bait than that proves bait is the only holy way to fish.


No Bait, No Good!

29 04 2007

Recently it was decided that bait would be banned from the rivers here in the Truckee area without any input from the hundreds of bait fishers in our community. Obviously the wealthy elitist fly fisherman paid off someone high up on the food chain. It’s too bad that all the children in Truckee will be unable to fish the way they have learned for generations. We are just out there trying to enjoy the day like everyone else and a select few decide how it is you can do that.